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Before registering for TAFECreates24, please review the list of tours below. These tours are part of the RMIT Showcase session on the afternoon of Day 1 of the conference.

You will be asked to choose one of these tours during the registration process, so please decide on a tour now and then click the 'Proceed with Registration' button below.

RMIT Showcase Tours

Building 70 Carpentry

The Carpentry workshop and space is utilised by building and construction students and carpentry apprentices. It is fully equipped for students to build a house frame from the ground up, i.e. stumps bearers floor joists wall frames pitched roofs, including the installation of doors windows and external wall cladding.

The carpentry and building students also use the sand pit L/1 for a levelling exercise.

Co2 Lab

The first of its kind in Australia, RMIT launched a new Co2 Training Facility in 2023 that is the most advanced refrigeration and air conditioning training system in the Asia-Pacific region.

This facility gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with the latest cutting-edge technology, whilst educating them about the latest industry trends.

The Co2 Training facility is used for RMIT students, and provides an industry training platform for local, national and international cohorts.

Community Apartment

The community apartment and mini ward is a shared simulated space for Allied Health Assistants, Disability workers and Aged Care students.

Students’ practical experience includes daily living activities: getting in and out of bed, using the shower, making and eating meals, and basic tasks like opening doors for clients in wheelchairs, on crutches or with some other form of impairment.

Students also learn how to transfer clients from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. This newly finished practical space provides hands-on training for students.


Mechanical/Aerospace/Civil workshops provide all the relevant industrial equipment for these highly specialised disciplines of study within the engineering sector.

The engineering spaces utilise current industry trends and methodologies on machinery that is widely used in their respective industrial areas.

ITC Labs

ITC Lab tour will take you through networking lab 57.6.01 where students conduct lab experiments using routers and switches to enhance their computer and networking skills.

This includes setting up basic networking configurations, VPNs, configuring data centre virtualisation, and troubleshooting common technical problems.

Media Precinct

This tour will showcase the Media Precinct and industry grade equipment and spaces. RMIT teaching staff include world-class industry experts who work in broadcast production and live streaming, allowing students to gain industry-level skills and prepare for employment upon graduation.

Close links with community television, such as C31, and RMITV provide students the opportunity to practise their skills and knowledge and extend their experience while completing their qualification.

Plumbing Spaces

In the Plumbing space, students experience practical hands-on training. Students install belowground stormwater and sanitary draining systems connecting to commercial and domestic applications. They also install water mains and experience a trench shoring exercise in the 18m long x 8m wide x 2.8m deep sand pit.

The other half of the plumbing space is the general workshop where students weld ferrous and nonferrous metal piping to install gas and hot and cold-water systems to boilers, hot water services both storage tanks and instantaneous models as used in both the domestic and commercial applications.

Sculpture Studio & Printmaking Studio

The Sculpture and printmaking studios provide optimal environments to enhance students’ creativity.

Equipped with sculpting tools and an impressive collection of vintage equipment, the studios offer a diverse range of tools for artists to explore the creative process, whilst providing an atmosphere which enhances artistic exploration and growth.

The printing studio is a space where chemical and mechanical processes are combined to produce fantastic works of art.

Sound Studio

The sound production suite at RMIT has state-of-the-art facilities, a wide range of professional audio equipment, and industry-connected instructors.

A tour of the Sound Studio will take you through the practical, hands-on spaces where students learn. Walk through a studio, lab and live venue-based training facilities.

Students learn to operate audio equipment to amplify, enhance, record, mix or reproduce sound in many contexts, including studio recording, pre-production, live sound, sound and music reinforcement (in television, radio, film, and multimedia) and broadcast.